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Gill 2 for 1 Fern Walk -- CANCELLED

Gill 2 for 1 Fern Walk
maidenhair spleenwort

Sunday, August 22, 2:00 pm until 4:00 pm
Barton's Cove, Gill MA

We will start at Barton's Cove in Gill, which is usually a little cooler than other places because of the breezes, water and woods. We will do a hike around there, seeing about 20 ferns (or may save some of them for the next site, where we will see some of them again). The trails are pretty good but a little steep in short sections, with some roots and rocks to watch for. But lots of nice ferns to see, including Maidenhair, Bulblet, Walking, and Maidenhair & Ebony Spleenworts. See attached poster with map on second page for where to meet at Barton's Cove. Email us if you have questions. No admission charge for parking.

We will then head over to Pisgah Mountain Rd, just a few minutes away, to see some different ferns (Slivery Glade, Ostrich, Narrow Beech, Mountan Wood Fern, Crested) and some of the same as Barton's Cove. A nice shady road with some nice wetlands and upland areas, almost all ferns visible from the road.

You can do both, or just Barton's Cove, meeting at the parking lot. Harder to explain where to go for the second site, better to follow us.

Dress as usual for possible poison ivy, insects and muddy ground (with all our rain!).

I have uploaded the lists of ferns likely to see for each site on the PVFS webpage under Downloads/Fern Lists. The poster can be found attached and also under Downloads/Fern Walks.

Hope you can make it! Barton's Cove is a good place to know about for recreation year round.

Janice & Randy

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