Pioneer Valley Fern Society

Focused Fern walk on Amherst College land

Focused Fern walk on Amherst College land
Climbing Ferns

Sunday, September 19, 2:00 pm until 3:00 pm
Amherst, MA

Fern season is nearing an end for this year, but there are a few amazing places and ferns to still see now One of these is a site on Amherst College land, along a trail used by the public. There are the usual common ferns on the hike in to the site, but we will just mention them in passing, focusing on the visit to the Climbing Ferns. It is truly a wonderful and special area, about a 15 minute walk in on the trail. We can spend time on the way back going over other fern identification for those who want to, but our focus is the Climbing Ferns. Be prepared for possible mud, insects and poison ivy (not bad).

We will update you with where to meet soon, but it will be in Amherst.

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