Pioneer Valley Fern Society

Fiddlehead season is here!

Numerous fern fiddleheads are coming up now.

Welcome Spring! Fiddleheads are popping up all over!

Sorry I have not sent news on the various fiddleheads we have been seeing. I will make a couple photo pages to put on the website. New fiddleheads include: Fragile, Bulblet, Christmas, Ostrich, Royal, Lady, Sensitive, Cinnamon and Narrow Beech.

This photo is of one of my favorites, Royal Fern (Osmunda regalis). It is one of the early fiddleheads, and is found in water or very wet spots. I love the purple colored stems (which turn green) and the rusty colored hairs. Obligate wetland plant.

We are going to try starting fern walks again. Will be sending an announcement soon!