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Favorite Fern Places

Cady’s Falls Botanical Garden

Last fall I did two emails of favorite fern places (Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary and Hitchcock Center), but this is my #1 favorite Fern and overall Garden place. It is a bit of a drive from us here, but well worth it.

Cady's Falls Botanical Garden is in Morrisville VT. Don and Lela Avery have been gardening there for 42 years, with an amazing touch, vision, and green thumbs. They have grown their ferns from spores and division, and some have spread on their own in the fabuolus garden. Whether you are a fern or general garden enthusiast, you will love this site. They have many very rare ferns that you will not likely see anywhere else growing happily in their garden. Part of their secret is the use of tufa rock and drip irrigation for the lime loving ferns and plants. They also take fabulous photos of the garden and plants, and you can enjoy them on their website. Check out, and in particular the ferns. More background information on their gardens and propagation techniques is on their nursery website, which is still available for reference but no longer active. The nursery website is

The photo shown with this article is Green Mountain Maidenhair (Adiantum viridimontanum), a beautiful natural hybrid of the eastern and western Maidenhair ferns. There are also other Maidenhairs, Spleenworts, Woodsias and Rockbrake that are very uncommon and beautiful to see. We love this garden and encourage you to add it to your list of places to visit!