Pioneer Valley Fern Society

Signs of Spring 2

Beginning signs of Fiddleheads

Between the cold spells and snowstorms we enjoy the periods of warmer sun, and see some early signs of Spring. If you are like me and Randy, you are more than ready for the chance to see new living green plants again! We are going out to spots we know warm up sooner in the Spring, looking for the beginnings of the early fern fiddleheads.

This photo is of the crowns of the Blunt-lobe Woodsia (Woodsia obtusa), which will become their fiddleheads. They are still very small, but Spring is coming and we look forward to the fiddleheads on this and other ferns. The Blunt-lobe Woodsia already have some small green fronds, which are sterile fronds that grow through the Fall and persist through the winter. The much longer fertile fronds are still present, but brown and dry. They grow on open to partially shaded rock outcrops. These are on a very warm sunny south-facing site on Mt. Toby.

Let us know when and where you start seeing fiddleheads. We are interested in keeping track of fiddlehead emergence of different ferns and sites each year.