Pioneer Valley Fern Society

First Fern Fiddlehead News!

Fragile Ferns start the season.

Once again Randy has beat me in finding the first fiddlehead of the season. As usual, it is the Fragile Fern in Amherst. He noticed them on March 22nd (this photo was taken March 23rd). We appreciate the effort these ferns put into being first in our area! Last year we found them on March 26th, so we may be a few days early this year.

I am going to list it as Cystopteris fragilis, although there is some discussion on whether that is our common fragile fern of the area or another. It is really too young to tell for now!

Let us know if you see new fiddleheads coming out. We are always interested in which ones start appearing first & where in our area. We have our favorite spots, but are always interested in finding more.

Our new fern season has begun!