Pioneer Valley Fern Society

Mother’s Day Fern & Wildflower Hike

Chard Pond, Sunderland 1-3PM

Reminder that this Sunday May 8th we will be holding our annual Mother's Day Fern & Spring Wildflower walk at Chard Pond in Sunderland. It is a beautiful place to celebrate Spring, with usually lots of wildflowers and ferns to see and enjoy.

See the poster for detailson our website under Downloads/Fern Walk Announcements..I have also attached a list of the ferns we might see on our walk. We have several new ones we just discovered last year! That list is found under Documents/Fern LIsts for or from Walks.

Randy's photo shows a young hay-scented fern fiddlehead. They have a unique look to them. Besides the new leaves popping out of the sides like this, they have the fine glandular hairs, and grow singly from the ground (not in clumps). They are connected by rhizomes under ground. They are one of our common ferns so be looking for them around your yard and neighborhood.

Looking forward to seeing some of you Sunday!

Janice & Randy