Pioneer Valley Fern Society

Tree & Fern Hike

Cancelled for Today

Hello all,

It was a tough decision, but we decided to cancel our hike for today because of the wet conditions. Too bad we get nice weather the day before and after our hike day!

Randy & I did a walk-through on Tuesday to see what ferns were there and identifiable. We found 15. The prettiest one was this Dissected Grape Fern (Sceptridium dissectum), which was easily identifiable by its fall coloring (turning reddish) and very dissected sterile blade. The grape ferns can often be found throughout the winter, if not buried in snow. They are not as common this year as last though because of the drought.

We took some photos along the hike route Tuesday. I will put them on a page or two and post them on our website. Sorry it did not work out today. Depending on what our winter is like, we might try a winter hike still, if people are interested.