Pioneer Valley Fern Society

Favorite Fern Places

Hichcock Center in Amherst Fern Garden

It is not too late to still enjoy seeing some of our local ferns. The Hitchcock Center in Amherst (845 West St) has a wide variety of native ferns, many of which will still be okay for at least a while into fall. Their fern garden was started last year by a group of knowledgeable and talented volunteers. When I was there this summer I counted at least 20 native ferns, including Narrow & Broad Beech, Ebony Spleenwort, Clinton's, Crested, Goldie's, Cinnamon, Royal, Ostich, Male, Christmas, Common Polypody, Bulblet, Maidenhair, Narrow-leaved Glade, Silvery Spleenwort, and the less common Blunt-lobed Woodsia and Purple-stem Cliffbrake. Most all of them were well-labeled and healthy examples. Here is your chance to test & confirm your fern ID skills, and see similar or confusing ones side by side. If you don't make it this fall, be sure to put it on your list for next year. The Hitchcock Center Building is closed to the public, but the grounds are open and were not busy weekdays during the summer. Enjoy!