Pioneer Valley Fern Society

Mt Toby Waterfall Hike

Lots of Ferns & Flowers and no Rain!

Thanks to the adventurous souls who showed up to walk with us among the ferns and flowers today, despite the threat of rain. About a dozen of us roamed through the woods and around Roaring Brook Waterfall and the stream to see and identify approximately 18 ferns (mostly in fiddlehead form) and 18 or so wonderful spring wildflowers, many in bloom. And several different fungi, lichen and clubmosses.

I will try to put together another page or two on how to differentiate some of the fiddleheads out right now. They will be in the folder of Downloads/Fern Photos Selection.

Next Fern Walk is Mother's Day at Chard Pond, May 14th 1-3pm. More ferns and flowers!