Pioneer Valley Fern Society

Fern Walk at 4H Forest

Sunday June 11th 1-3PM

The 4H Forest in Leverett is one of our favorite spots for ferns. We will see 20 or more of our native ferns, including our top 11 Most Common Ferns and other special ones like Maidenhair, Silvery Glade Fern, Ebony Spleenwort, Fragile, Crested, and Narrow Beech. Practice your identification skills on the Most Common and learn some new ones too!

We will follow trails through the woods, across wetlands (foot bridges) and through a nice meadow. Mostly level but uneven ground, one slightly steep up and down trail. Be prepared for muddy ground, poison ivy (common in some areas) and possible ticks.

We will meet in the parking lot off Shutesbury Rd, not far from Leverett Pond. See poster attached to calendar event and this news article for detailed directions.

The photo today is of a magnificent clump of Cinnamon Ferns. Most people can identify the Cinnamon Fern, especially this time of year when the fertile fronds in the middle of the clumps are such a beautiful cinnamon color. The fertile fronds often dry up and fade early in the summer, but we can enjoy the beautiful arrangements they make now.

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