Pioneer Valley Fern Society

Norcross Sanctuary Fern Walk Summary

23 Ferns

Thanks to the fern lovers who met with us at the Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary today! We had a great time, and hope you did too.

I have downloaded an updated list of the 23 ferns we saw today. It is under "Downloads/Fern Lists for or from Walks" on our website. I will try to attach it to this news as well. What a nice surprise to find 3 more than on my list! It is great to have more eyes finding ferns! And also seeing all those lovely flowers.

We will decide soon where we are going in July.

This photo is of the Bulblet Fern (Cystopteris bulblifera) we saw today. It is one of my favorites. The fronds can grow 2 feet and more long, with little bulblets attached sporadically along the underside of the upper blade this time of year. It grows in moist and generally calcareous locations,usually on mossy rock faces.

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