Pioneer Valley Fern Society

Fall Ferns

Goldie’s Fern at Mt Toby

Many ferns have faded as the weather has gotten colder, but there are many that are still lovely in the Fall.

Randy & I visited Mt Toby from the Leverett access off Rt 63 recently, to see some of our favorite and less common ferns. The Goldie's ferns were still green and magnificent, as were the Narrow-leaved Spleenworts. There were still some nice Narrow Beech ferns, Bulblet ferns, Maidenhair and Maidenhair Spleenworts, and of course the evergreen Polypodys, Christmas, Marginal and Evergreen Wood ferns. It is easy to see where the Ostrich ferns are from their lovely dark brown fertile fronds, many of which will remain through the winter.

Hope you enjoy the fall season and the great outdoors!