Pioneer Valley Fern Society

New photos of ferns seen this winter

Hello all,

As we start heading towards a new growing season, here is one last look back on some less common ferns we saw while we were out looking around this winter. Since it had been such an amazing year for ferns last year, and not much snow this winter, there seemed to be more ferns still visible. See the two pages under "Files and Presentations" on our website.

You will also find attached and under that same section our first Calendar of Events for our fern walks and presentations this year. These are all subject to weather (rain cancels), and of course the COVID-19 pandemic. It is probably wishful thinking for the first two walks, but we wanted to put them in just in case. We will update and revise the calendar as needed.

Hope you are all well, and able to join us on a fern walk this year.

Janice & Randy Stone

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