Pioneer Valley Fern Society

Fiddlehead Quiz

Can you identify this fern by its fiddleheads?

Netted Chain Fern

It is getting late in the season for fiddleheads, but the Woodwardias just started about a week ago. They are definitely late bloomers, but worth waiting for! This is a Netted Chain Fern fiddlehead, and frond in the background. The sterile fronds are more distinctive than the delicate fiddleheads, but both are interesting. The sterile fronds look a bit like sensitive fern to me, but the ends of the pinnae are pointed not rounded. I will put togehter more photos on a page and put it under Files & Presentations, Fern Photos Selection so you can see more of them. These grow in open to shaded wet wetlands and are uncommon in our area. If you see some of these, please let us know! This spot is in Whately. The fertile fronds that come later are really cool too! Photo by Randy this time.

More soon!