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The idea for a local fern club was the brainchild of several friends and fern-lovers in the Connecticut Valley region of western Massachusetts.  The region is home to diverse natural habitats rich with fern species, such as Lawrence swamp in Amherst, Mt. Toby in Sunderland, and magnificent Quabbin, and offers great opportunities for exploring ferns.

The group of friends met in the fall of 2014 to share their ideas for an organization that would provide a forum for fernophiles in the area to both share their individual experiences and to partner together, joined by the common bond of a love of ferns and an appreciation for the beauty, wonder, and complexity of nature.

So, the Pioneer Valley Fern Society was born, and this website is the fruit of their efforts.

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Noble View Outdoor Center, Russell MA
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Goldie's & Narrow Glade Ferns
Highland Park, Greenfield MA
Grape Ferns are the Stars of the Show!

Pioneer Valley Fern Society

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